Finally, courses designed for creative agency owners and their finance teams.

Download a preview of some of the financial management best practices you'll find in this course, designed especially for agency owners like YOU!


Owners of creative firms, we see you and understand your struggle.

Your invoices aren't being paid on time, your team is maxed but profits are too low to bring on a new resource, and you're still using your bank balance to run your business.

Who could blame you? You didn't start your creative firm to become an accounting expert, and yet the idea of hiring a full-time CFO or an in-house accounting team seems almost impossible.

We get it. We also know that this is standing in the way of your potential.


We've packaged the fundamentals for success in an online learning resource designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to take charge of your financial future - minimal yawns promised.

We understand your troubles, and it's why we are here to help you:




Stop leaving money on the table

or questioning how your business is actually performing.

By gaining a better understanding of some fundamental practices,

YOU WILL grow more successfully into the future your business deserves.

I'm ready to learn more!

Meet The Instructor.

fin/ally helps high potential creative service businesses leap from the basics of bookkeeping and into a seamless partner-at- the-table accounting team who helps you see the big picture and provides the tools and advice to turn it into reality.
This course is brought to you by Heather Purcell, a classically trained management accountant, a CPA, MBA who knows how to make the financial stress magically go away.
"I've lead finance teams in the creative industry for 20 years and have weathered the highs and lows unique to marketing and design agencies. I provide the perspective and expertise of a CFO as if it were my own business. Our virtual model makes sense for your business as we provide the benefit of a full-service accounting team plus CFO advisory at a fraction of the cost to bring this function in-house full-time. We designed this course based on what we know are the most essential concepts to better realize the potential of your business."
— Heather Purcell, CPA, MBA

Let's take a sneak peek inside.

The Agency Owner's Guide to Financial Success


Financial Statement Basics

We teach you the best way to organize and present your Income Statement and Balance Sheet for creative firms so you can easily interpret and understand your results, helping you quickly and confidently make decisions for your business.


Budgeting and Financial Reporting

We walk you through the steps to prepare your agency’s budget, share best practices on tracking and evaluating project performance, and show you how to understand your business performance by taking data you already have and transforming it into five key reports.


Measuring what Matters - Capacity, Profitability, Months of Cash

The best agencies "keep score", and we'll explain why knowing your capacity, three key profitability ratios, and your cash position can drastically influence the decisions you make.

Does financial management have you running for the hills?We're here for you!

For the past 20+ years, we've been perfecting specialized solutions for high potential creative service firms who are ready to leap beyond basic bookkeeping.

Who will benefit the most from our course?

Owners or leaders of creative service firms who value the role of finance on their bottom line. You want to know how to interpret your financial results so that you can access the right data to manage your business.

Yes, this sounds like me!


The agency owner's guide to financial success

$195 CAD

  • Self-guided curriculum that includes 20+ video lessons
  • 6 in-depth modules
  • Downloadable templates and tools for each module
  • Appropriate for beginners and those who want to advance their skills
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